Stockport Old Town


Blackshaw’s is an urban kitchen and bar in the heart of Stockport Old Town, relaxed and informal, producing traditional and contemporary British food.

Blackshaw’s was originally established in 1860 as Blackshaw Family Bakers, a bakery and confectioners, originally located at 42 Hillgate, on the corner of Edward Street. When the bakery closed, a museum curator decided to save the unique shop frontage and store them in one of the museum buildings until a suitable home could be found. The stored location of the frontage changed over the next 30 years until, eventually, the perfect building was found …

Jump forward to December 2018 and Blackshaw’s has now opened as Blackshaws Kitchen, part of the SMBC rejuvenation project and is situated across from the stunning Victorian Market Hall, next to Staircase House and Stockport Museum.

This page was last updated on 20th March 2020.

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