Stockport Old Town


The Old Town is home to award-winning
independent businesses

Set against a striking historical backdrop, Stockport Old Town has recently developed a strong local economy powered by the efforts and energies of local people, as well as investment from key partners including Stockport Council.

What Stockport Old Town offers is a chance for shoppers, visitors and residents to engage with real people who run independent shops and are part of a real community.

The Old Town is bringing everyone together through a shared love of food, drink and entertainment

The Old Town is entertaining and amazing
the local community

Over the last four years, the area’s evening economy has begun to thrive, through events like Foodie Friday, and a rise in the number of interactive cultural events being held, like the annual Fringe and Folk Festivals, which has all helped to start attracting thousands of new people to the area.

The Old Town is delivering unforgettable experiences to visitors from all over the North West

The Old Town is investing in its future
with a number of new developments

Working with partners, Stockport Council are keen to see Stockport Old Town fulfil its potential and has secured £7m investment to bring life back to previously unoccupied buildings in the area.

By attracting new businesses, events and visitors into the area, Stockport Council aims to make Stockport Old Town become a vibrant hub for specialist independent retailers and creative industries.

The Old Town is bringing the local community together through unique festivals and events

You can be part of the Old Town's
exciting journey moving forward

A town can’t expect to become a thriving destination without first gaining the trust and support of local people, as it’s local people who help turn a town from a space into a place.

Stockport Old Town is no different, as the future success of the area is wholly dependent on empowering the local community through providing plenty of opportunities to engage with the area, whether you’re young or old.

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