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Tandem Coffee House

Why Tandem?  Well, we reckon good things come in pairs.  Like strawberries and cream, beans on toast, fish and chips – need we go on?

Tandem is grind-on-demand coffee with good cakes and good company, served in a cycle-friendly environment.  Bakes and bikes.  Another great pair.

To be honest, some of us are more about the bakes, whilst others are all about the bike (apologies for almost quoting a discredited someone there …)  But come and meet us, and maybe you can have fun trying to figure out who’s who – and whichever camp you fit into, you’ll be welcome at Tandem Coffee House.

- See more at: http://stockportoldtown.co.uk/traders/tandem-coffee-house/#sthash.msHkN6kq.dpuf

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